Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My wonderful husband had a yummy corned beef and cabbage dinner ready when I got home from work tonight! All I had to do was wash up, sit down and nom out. He also had made a mint chocolate chip cheesecake that we will enjoy a little later this evening.

I'm making a shepherds pie for a pot luck at the office tomorrow. It's a good time to be Irish!


Mermaid said...

Happy belated St. Paddy's day to you!

I'm 1/4 Irish on my dad's side, Beckaroo, and I have to admit that corned beef and cabbage is something I've just never been able to get behind. However, I do envy you the nice hubby who made it for you! Isn't it nice to have something hot from the man you love ready for you when you arrive home? ba da bum!

What? No pictures of the cheesecake? Now THAT's something I CAN get behind!

Beckaroo Banzai said...

The man spoils me, for sure! I like corned beef much better than cabbage, neither of which is really Irish. It tasted good, though; and I didn't have to do any of the cooking. Or cleaning for that matter. He really spoils me!

The cheesecake was delicious! Never thought about taking a picture of that!